Maintaining Your Home’s Siding 

If you want to keep your house appealing, exterior siding is great. It offers protection against the elements and improves curb appeal as well. However, the key to durable, beautiful, and long-lasting siding is proper maintenance. With low attention and effort, you can help your siding perform at its best.  

The form of siding maintenance you do varies on the type of siding your house has. It also affects how frequently you should maintain it. Today, we’re going to share with you some tips on how to maintain the most common types of home siding. Doing so will help you avoid an expensive Topeka siding repair

Fiber Cement Siding 

This type of siding is made from a solid combination of cellulose fibers, sand, and cement. It can be made to copy the look of brick, stone, or wood. It is low maintenance, appealing, and long-lasting. Here are several tips to follow to maintain it: 

  • Paint Every 10 to 20 Years 

Fiber cement can hold paint properly. However, you might want to refresh its color eventually. Make sure you utilize exterior-grade acrylic paint when repainting your fiber cement siding. 

  • Clean Every 1 to 3 Years 

You can use a power washing machine since fiber cement siding is extremely durable. However, if you don’t have this equipment, you can rinse it with a hose or wipe it down using soapy water.  

  • Check Every Year 

While fiber cement does not suffer from damage from severe temperature changes and pests, it still can occasionally suffer from the repeated impact of the elements. Indications of damage can include cracks around and in the siding, mildew, warping, and damaged paint.  

Vinyl Siding 

This type of siding is affordable and reliable. It works well for rental properties and starter homes. Here are several tips to maintain it: 

  • Paint as Required 

Over time, the color of vinyl can fade. If you do choose to paint it, utilize a high-quality exterior latex paint in a light color. This includes light grey or white. Darker colors will draw in the heat of the sun. This can result in warping. 

  • Keep Away Damaging Elements 

Vinyl can be damaged by repeated impact from heavy-duty items, such as lawnmowers. In addition to that, it can melt from repeated exposure to extreme temperatures from grills and BBQs. Keep these things away from your siding. 

  • Wash Every Year 

Typically, all you’ll need to get rid of dust and dirt from vinyl siding is a garden hose.  

  • Check Regularly 

Though vinyl resists pests and rot, it can get cracked or warped. Thus, it’s best to regularly inspect it. 

Wood Siding 

Wood such as cedar offers a natural and gorgeous look. That’s why a lot of homeowners love it for their siding. However, wood is also greatly affected by wear and tear, pests, and weather. Thus, it requires a lot of maintenance.  

  • Clean Every Year 

Utilize soapy and warm water to get rid of dust and dirt. Use a solution of 4 parts water and 1-part bleach to get rid of mildew. 

  • Re-Treat Every 2 to 5 Years 

Wood has to be re-stained or repainted at least once every 5 years. This will guarantee that you can maintain your wood siding properly

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