Different Types of Siding for Your Home 

Your home’s exterior siding helps enhance your property’s curb appeal. It is an ideal way to add definition and color to your home. You will have to think about elements such as cost, aesthetics, energy efficiency, and durability to choose the right siding for your house.  

The exterior of your house unavoidably requires a bit of upgrade every 25 to 35 years. However, choosing among all of the various styles of home siding involves a lot of various factors. Of course, you’ll need something that can protect your house for more than 35 years.  

Lucky for you, we are here to help. Here are several of the most popular types of siding Topeka

Imitation-Shake Siding 

This type of siding is more affordable compared to other siding materials. Imitation-shake siding is extremely durable. It also copies the look for wood.  

Stone Veneer Siding 

This type of siding is utilized to accentuate the exterior of both commercial and residential properties. Both natural stone and manufactured veneers are available. Usually, manufactured stone veneers are made from materials such as Portland cement and lava rock.  

Since they’re extremely lightweight, stone veneers are primarily re-enforced with lightweight construction aggregates. The aggregates help in improving durability without adding to the overall weight. Stone veneers are simple to install. They’re available in a range of colors and designs. You can install them on any type of surface. This includes drywall, metal, wood, and concrete.  

Steel and Metal Siding 

Before, this type of siding was mainly utilized in factories and industrial buildings due to its strength and durability. It can endure most weather elements.  

High energy-efficiency is another advantage of metal siding. Your house will be protected from air leaks if you use a thick layer of metal as insulation. In addition to that, you can reflect the radiation of the sun away from your home if you paint your metal siding with cool-paint technology. This helps when it comes to stabilizing temperatures inside your home.  

Also, metal siding is extremely resistant to cracking, chipping, warping, and fading. With routine cleaning using a hose, your siding will appear as good as new. 

Vinyl Siding 

This is a durable synthetic material that’s extremely resistant to weather elements. Vinyl siding is available in various colors and textures. It offers you a huge variety of exterior aesthetic choices. It’s available in the form of horizontal or vertical panels, beaded and fish scales designs, and shingles.  

Another advantage of vinyl siding is that it has little to no maintenance. It does not require painting and scraping to keep its look. 

Choosing among the various forms of house siding does not have to be a stressful process. When you’re looking for the best siding for your home, make sure you keep this list in mind. It can help you feel confident in your final choice.  

Do not consider the cost first. You have to think about the material’s quality. When it comes to installing your exterior siding, you can always rely on a professional siding company for help. 

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